At this time Gugma sa Kabataan takes care of
38 children:

  • 10 in Elementary School, i.e. 6 to10 years old

  • 10 in Junior High School, i.e. 11 to16 years old

  • 9 in Senior High School, i.e. 17 to18 years old

  • 9 in College (19 years and older)

Why do the kids feel well in Gugma sa Kabataan ?

This is their answer:

I am a Gugma sa Kabataan because...


I am a Gugma, because knowing the law gives me protection against my abused father. So that I will be free.


I am a Gugma, because I am able to go to school and I am assured that I will be able to get good grades for my school projects.


I am a Gugma, because here I have a new family, which takes care of me.  They take care of me and give me what I desire, to be together with my two brothers and tow sisters.. 

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Since GsK exists since almost 30 years, many of the kids who had been supported by us recieved in the meantime their diploma and manage their live.

Following are some success stories representing many others.

These young persons had often terrible experiencees as children. In order to protect their privacy, we do not describe their personal stroy or woe along with their names. Some have been abondoned as babies by thie parents, others were physically mistreated or sexually abuesed. Some lived in the street to survive, tried to find useful things int the garbabe or have even spent time in the jail.

And that is what has become of them in the meantime:

With the help of GsK Devine  could study in College and got the bachelor degree in „Social Science“. She works now as a fulltime Community Worker for Gugma sa Kabataan.

Already in the 90s Rodney has been supported by Balay sa Gugma, our preceeding organization. He went to school, to college and university and became a doctor. In the meantime he is specialist in internal medicine, has a wife and three sons.

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