Dental gold

Dentists can help us by collecting for us tooth gold, which they extract from their patients. Of course, the precious metal belongs to the patients, but they are usually happy to donate it to a good cause. We pick up the collected gold teeth once a year and sell them to a gold dealer. The proceeds are then to the benefit the poor children in the Philippines.


You are also welcome to give us old jewelry so that we can convert into money and help for the children. You will also receive a donation receipt. 


If a fine is imposed in court, judges and prosecutors can decide which organization the money goes to, provided that it is listes long as it is listed in the "Oberlandesgericht".

Gugma Street Kids e.V. is part in this list. So we only need a judge or a prosecutor who considers of Gugma Street Kids e.V. in such a case.


For more Information please write to info(at)