The Philippine organization Gugma sa Kabataan Inc. takes care of the children in Cagayan de Oro with the appropriate personnel, as shown in this homepage.

Gugma sa Kabataan is registered as a nonprofit Incorporation in the Philippines. Here you can find certificates of recognition of Gugma sa Kabataan Inc. by the Philippine authorities.


Jonah Domingo

… is the "Executive Director" of the project.

Devine Grace Dagang

Devine was once a child herself who was cared for by Gugma. Today, she is a "community worker" with us, which means that she maintains contact with the children's environment and takes on administrative tasks.

She says about Gugma sa Kabataan:

„I recieved so much, I want to give back“

Rosalie Magamay ("Bebe")

… is a part-time cook at Gugma sa Kabataan.

Situational support

In addition, there are young people from the project who take on certain tasks for pocket money, as well as voluntary, unpaid helpers from Cagayan and abroad ("volunteers").

Board of Trustness

All members of the Board work voluntarily in deep commitment and dedication to Gugma.

President Christine S. Alaiza (far right)
An engineer and longtime member of the Board 

Vice President Iluminada Domingo (2nd from right)
Long time leader of Gugma sa Kabataan, known as "Minda". 

Secretary Bobby Paler (2nd from left)
IT specialist and pastor

Treasurer Queritess Q.Queja (center)
Executive Director of the Cagayan Chamber of Commerce  

Auditor Kathleen Anne Castillon (far left)
Former accountant of Gugma sa Kabataan


Gugma sa Kabataan is predominantly financed by the German support association Gugma Street Kids e.V..

Here you can find: